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MPMan F60 / F55 / F50 Manager for Linux

Now available on Mac OS X!

Mplinuxman is a manager for the MPMan F60 portable MP3 player. This player has PC connectivity through USB and it comes bundled with Windows manager software, which has its limitations. The main one being it cant be used on Linux! Well now you can, Mplinuxman uses Linux kernel support for USB devices, and can be set up for hot swapping. If you own an MPMan F60 its time to wipe those windows and use Mplinuxman.

Easy to use interface using GTK 2
Downloading, uploading files to and from the player, deleteing,re-ordering files on the player
Playlist loading/saving and can create a random list of files to fit on the players available memory
Hot plugging, Mplinuxman can be set to start/stop when you connect/disconnect the MPMan
Lets you upload MP3s from the player to your PC unlike the Windows version
Uses default Linux console font to display ID3 tags on the player!

Mplinuxman is licensed under the GNU General Public License.


Version 1.5 released
* Ported open/save/about dialogs to the new stock Gtk dialogs
* Files played with a external player are now added to the list of recent files.
* Added a launcher (.desktop file) for Mplinuxman
* Improved the GUI to be more GNOME HIG compliant
* Updated the Dutch translation
Download here.
Thanks to Erlenmeyer for coding the new features and the translation in the 1.5 release.

Ubuntu debian package
Adrian has sent me an Ubuntu package that hopefully will be Ubuntu's universe, untill then you can download it from the files area.

Another player supported
bugmenot reports here that the d-link dmp-220 mp3 player works with mplinuxman.

Patch for 1.4 on OS X
There is a small problem with the 1.4 source code when compiling on OS X. This patch should fix it. Download it here.
You can apply it by doing something like

 patch -p1 < mplinux14-osx-patch.diff 
from the source directory.

Version 1.4 released
* Added support for building on Mac OS X, thanks to Kris
* Added Japanese (by Shimada) and German (by Thomas) translations
* Added format for camera, to format the SMC for other devices, eg camera and usb card reader. (patch by Tholom)
* Support for MP-F55, changed the find devices routine to find F55
* Decreased playlist/directory loading times.
Download here
The source should be able to be build on OS X now, (look at the README.osx in the source) . If you make a build for OS X, please send me a binary so I can add it to the project. In the mean time if you need a OS X binary, there is one of version 1.4 beta here.
Thanks to those who helped in making this release.

Version 1.4 beta released
The main additions are: that you can now drag and drop files or directories from your filemanager onto mplinuxman (so you dont need to use the playlist anymore),
you can now customise the title string that is displayed on the player.
Also you can now use the advanced options to enable logging, and change the vendor/product id that mplinuxman looks for (so other similar players might be supported)
Please test , and email me with any bugs.

* Added Spanish,Dutch translations to release
* Added drag and drop of files/directories from file manager
* Configurable track titles on player
* Added Advanced options: changing device id / enable logging
* Fixed/improved many parts of the interface
* Made compiled binary smaller

Download 1.4 beta here.
source available from project page.

Added Dutch translation to CVS , it will be in the next release. In the meantime here it is;
compiled mplinuxman.mo
Thanks to Erlenmeyer.

Added Spanish translation to CVS, I will add this in the next tarball release.
Download from cvs or you can download the source,compiled version of the file here:

Source es.po : put it in your current mplinuxman source dir at mplinuxman/po.
And do a "make install-po".

Compiled mplinuxman.mo : put it in your locale dir (/usr/local/share/locale/es/LC_MESSAGES)
if you are using the binary version.

Thanks to Marcos for the translation.

The project has a cvs repository. There are some changes to 1.3 in there now.
Go to the CVS page.

Version 1.3 released
Thanks to to those who helped test this version.
This version has internationalization support, if you want to create a translation to a different language please download the source. Email the translation file to me, and it will be added to the project.

* Support for formatting of internal memory and Smartmedia cards
* Upload/download non mp3 files
* I18n, support for language translations (gettext)
* Added French translation
* Added drag and drop from playlist
* Nicer progress bar!
* Other minor interface improvements
* Added command line utility
* Added iso8859-1 font for mpman
* Fixed reading UTF-8 / ISO8859 filenames / ID3 Tags
* Fixed timeout when formatting Smartmedia cards (since beta)
Download version 1.3 installer here.

Version 1.2 released
* Support for smartmedia cards
* Stopped sending window from popping up when mainwindow is iconified
* Minor interface improvements
If you have problems with the smartmedia support please email me
Download version 1.2 self extracting tgz here

Version 1.1 released, (thanks for the emails) :
* Support for MP-F50
* Fixed empty player usb error bug
* Fixed playlist save as cancel button
Download version 1.1 here

Version 1.0 can be downloaded from sourceforge, here are some screenshots
Currently it supports only the MP-F60 but it might be extended in the future to support similar devices.

Please visit here to submit a bug
Please visit here to go to the forums